My Garage. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. the coolant having an ammonia smell. HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) Mixture of OAT and IAT antifreeze. Flowing coolant will These acids are very stable, and they can thus work for a long time, thus protecting the engine. I own a 2009 Dodge Journey SXT. This lubricant uses an Ethylene glycol . There is not a coolant that has the ms-90032 spec on it. Its never a good idea to mix two different colors or types of antifreeze. Consult with a reputable auto shop before deciding in this regard. you dont need to use Mopar anti-freeze, a less expensive Chrysler-Approved HOAT like Zerex G05 will work just as well. I would not be concerned but I will tell you that the mopar antifreeze and fiat antifreeze are identical with the exception mopar is purple and fiat is orange. Another additional feature of this antifreeze/coolant is the defoamer that preserves the plastics and original vehicle finishes. RedMopar Antifreeze Coolant / Concentrate 3,785 L MS-9769ManufacturerMoparColorRedSpecificationsASTM D-3306, ASTM D-4340ApprovalsApprovals: Chrysler MS-9769Volume3.785 L1 more row. A good example would be the Mopar oat coolant ms 90032, which you can trust to protect your car in the long run. The latter name stands for 2-ethyl hexanoic acid. Of course, the obvious answer is to stick to the Mopar coolant to avoid issues, but if needed in a pinch, the Mopar coolant can be hard to obtain , since it is only available from a dealer or online. Mopar sludge, which was originally known as Dexcool sludge, is a result of people mixing coolants.. most likely by topping off Dexcool/ LL systems with green universal coolant. Fig. However, the big downside of the lubricant is that it contains some level of silicate which tends to break down under extreme heat. It protects the engine for up to ten years, which is the equivalent of two hundred and forty thousand kilometers. Use commas to separate multiple addresses. Unlike most antifreeze/coolants, it does not contain amines, phosphates, borates, nitrates, silicates, and nitrites. Change Dealer. Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazons store. The caution is about mixing different colours from the same brand. ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, ASTM 6210, Federal Specification A-A-870A, SAE J1034, J814, J1941, ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, FORD WSS-M97B55-A, Federal Specification A-A-870A, SAE J1034, SAE J814, SAE, ASTM D3306, SAE J1034, SAE J814, SAE J1941, TMC OF ATA RP-3028, Federal Specification A-A-870A, D3306, D4985, Detroit Diesel DFS93K217ELC, VW TL-774D, Yanmar/Scania, MTU, Mercedes Truck, D3306, D4985, Mercedes, BMW, Saab 690 1599, Tesla, Rolls Royce, Mercedes 325.0, MTU, Jaguar, D3306, D4985, Mercedes, DDC, VW TL-774G, VW TL-774J, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes 325.5, Cummins 14603, M, D3306, D6210, Cummins 14603, Chrysler MS 9769, Ford WSS-M 97B51-A1, JCB STD00088, John Deere JDM H24, Select a store to see pricing & availability. Enhance your email experience by providing your zip code for area specific offers. Zerex Dex-Cool Antifreeze / Coolant Zerex from Valvoline is the #1 selling OEM-approved coolant brand. See if you Prequalify. More Buying Choices $22.45 (13 new offers) PEAK OET Extended Life Orange Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant for North American Vehicles, 1 Gal. Best Seller in Antifreezes & Coolants. NOTE: If OAT (MOPAR P/N 68163848AA Purple) has been Mixed with HOAT (MOPAR P/N 68048953AB Pink Or Factory Fill HOAT Orange ( Fig. But in the same way that chocolate syrup needs to be mixed with milk before it becomes chocolate milk, antifreeze is not coolant until you mix it with water. Where it has not undergone dilution, it looks purple. He also loves making connections and friends in the automotive industry. IAT and OAT are commonly available. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Recochem OEM GM Orange Premium Antifreeze 50/50 Extended Life. It is a carboxylate formulation that incorporates organic acid technology with ethylene glycol as the base. Double Din Car Stereo Radio Voice Control Apple Carplay & Android Auto, 7In HD LCD Touch Screen Bluetooth 5.2, MP5 Player with Mirror Link, Backup Camera, USB/SD A/FM Audio Receiver, Subwoofer, Autel MS300 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader, Turn Off Check Engine Light, Read & Erase Fault Codes, Check Emission Monitor Status CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool, K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent, Zerex Original Green Low Silicate Concentrate Antifreeze/. Usually, vehicles of the Chrysler group need to be equipped with OEM original equipment manufacturer antifreeze. Mixing is required. Bite the bullet and get mopars 100000 orange coolant (HOAT) . drain the coolants, flush the system, and use the right coolant for Engineered for Use In: Chrysler: 2000-2012, Ford: 2002-2010. y@Fi#22vwRcI/KzX#(e(rH5 f]D)ksX<4#fJR$9I OAT coolants have a service interval of 10 years or 150,000 miles. Its not a hybrid version. He spends his weekdays working for his garage and writing stories for It protects the engine for up to ten years, which is the equivalent of two hundred and forty thousand kilometers. gets exposed and is thus at risk of rusting. Around 2011, the ingredients in Dexcool were revised again. Sep 30, 2020. Antifreeze/Coolant Part Number (Concentrate/Pre-Mix) AFZ FLEET AFZ FLEET50/50 AFZ FINALCHARGE AFZ FC50/50 AFZ 675130 PNT PF-A1-1 PNT PF-E-1.5L PNT PFE-5L BA 252-1501U BA 252-1001U AFZ G05 AFZ LOWTOX Antifreeze Color PinkRed Blue Green Yellow1 Green Base Ethylene Glycol Propylene Glycol For distinction purposes, it is orange in color. Over Also, MS.90032 is a standard, not a part number. Zerex G05 is suitable for use in newer car models as approved by Ford North America. So I asked why is Chrysler stating the only OAT antifreeze to use in the 2013 is theirs and he said money/marketing. 26. Honestly I probably wont get that worried about what my coolant looks like, level yes, color NO. It also helps to adhere to the recommendations set out regarding the use of coolants. For safety reasons, an embittering agent was added and a new designation was given, MS-12106. First off, OAT stands for organic acid technology, which is an indication of the materials in use. So unless you know exactly what was in their or should be in there, it may be confusing later on. For the best experience please upgrade or visit the site on another browser. However, when adding one color to another, it can change it to an off, 3rd color. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. MS-12106, as shown on the Mopar Coolant label. This is why, for OAT, they changed the recommendation, from flush and fill, to drain and re-fill. loyalty program The concentrate is now $26 at numerous places. OAT coolant is purple in color. But in rare cases, we might come across a deep green OAT coolant (Honda manufactures dark green OAT coolant). 3)) or any other coolants have been mixed, it will be necessary to flush the cooling system. Note A good example would be the Mopar oat coolant ms 90032, which you can trust to protect your car in the long run. Engine. From here, you should replace the coolant. INTERNATIONAL Customer Options, Summit Racing Equipment SpeedCard Release Of New Engine Coolant Organic Additive Technology (OAT) MODELS: 2013 (D2) Ram Truck (3500 Pick Up) 2013 (DD) Ram Truck (3500 Chassis Cab) 2013 (DJ) Ram Truck (2500 Pick Up) 2013 (DP) Ram Truck (4500 / 5500 Chassis Cab) 2013 (DX) Ram Truck (Mexico) 2013 (DS) Ram Truck (1500) 2013 (FF) Fiat 500 2013 (JC) Journey 2013 (JK) Wrangler 2013 (JS) Avenger/200 2013 (LC) Challenger 2013 (LD) Charger 2013 (LX) 300 2013 (MK) Compass/Patriot 2013 (PF) Dart 2013 (RT) Town & Country/Grand Caravan 2013 (WD) Durango 2013 (WK) Grand Cherokee 2013 (ZD) Viper NOTE: This bulletins applies to all vehicle listed above for every engine application EXCEPT the 2013 MK equipped with the 2.2L Diesel engine (sales code ENE) and the JC vehicle equipped with the 2.0L Diesel engine (sales code EBT). I swear, I'm really trying to get a Ram, but What did you do with your 4th Gen this week? Check your owner's manual to ensure the coolant's compatibility with your vehicle. You are using an out of date browser. A forum community dedicated to all Dodge owners and enthusiasts. OAT coolants use organic acids in order to prevent corrosion. 2276 Views 2 Replies 3 Participants Last post by Matt69, Jul 16, 2018. I have a 2014 Ram and it requires the MS-12106 has the MS12106 coolant sticker on the res tank. You must log in or register to reply here. I think you may have misunderstood. I was looking for a readily available coolant replacement that meets the spec's of the Dodge OAT coolant with the Chrysler Material Standard MS-12106. It provides antifreeze and anti-boil protection all year round. OAT coolants might even come in red, pink, yellow or purple colours. This gold coolant/antifreeze is great for diesel, gasoline, and electric motors. Free Shipping - Mopar Replacement Embittered 5-Year/100,000 Mile Antifreeze Coolants with qualifying orders of $109. store Its formulation uses ethylene glycol as the base in organic acid technology and does not contain amines, borates, nitrates, phosphates, and silicates. This is a common cause of sediment drop out in overflow tanks. I am 99.44% sure it is fully compatible with the original pink coolant. This HOAT stands for hybrid organic acid technology , and these coolants operate similarly to what you would expect of OAT products. Full OAT coolant superconcentrate. Diethylene Glycol, and <5% Hydrated inorganic acid, organic acid salts (the specifics of which are apparently proprietary). Equivalent MOPAR Coolant. This means that you should change your coolant as scheduled maintenance for optimal performance. HOAT stands for hybrid organic acid technology , and these coolants operate similarly to what you would expect of OAT products. Thats why besides being a mechanic and technician, he started his writing for an auto blog. Fiat makes pink OAT coolant while MOPAR makes purple OAT coolant. The additive package in a HOAT formula coolant also contains silicates for added aluminum protection. Come join the discussion about performance, engine swaps, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! The one for 2013 up Chrysler is OAT without silicates but the color is Orange. BUY 3 TIRES AND GET THE 4 th FOR $1. If it was mine, I would re-flush it and purchase a known HOAT Antifreeze like Zerox, or Mopar HOAT. They OAT has been PURPLE since 2014, but as it ages it starts to turn reddish, hence the continued confusion. Not Pre-mixed. Dexcool mixes with any coolant made in like the past 20 years, its the universal for a reason. The service life for HOAT is also five years or . They will Mixing the Dexcool with the Mopar OAT still makes me nervous, so I did thorough cleaning/flushes of both my Dodges before refilling with Dexcool . Posted October 11, 2012. The MS-12106 is used in the 2014+ applications I believe. It protects the engine for up to ten years, which is the equivalent of two hundred and forty thousand kilometers. Most manufacturers do it, and if youre friendly enough you can get the dealer to give you what is compatible that you can buy at the auto parts stores. There are many types of coolants, but in this case, the article will focus on OATs, which use organic acid inhibitive technology. Full stop. Seems any air in the system hastened it's break down and would form a chrystal/grainy substancenever experienced that with the green variety. Coolant targeting high-tech engines where high temperature aluminium protection is important. 2011 Ram - FOB starts truck but won't unlock or lock doors - not a battery problem. FCA Material Standard MS-12106." I think Mopar has 2 kinds of OAT antifreeze and they are not compatible. It is important to note that the colors for the European coolants can vary among brands for the equivalent formulation. Edition 4x4. Sold by 166 Auto Inc and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. From here, you should replace the coolant. In all likelihood you won't find it. Click here to find a Ask a Product Question. Still the same stuff and still compatible with your truck. FREE delivery . So if you live in a very hot region, keep in mind that the product is not a good choice. Dex-Cool is an OAT, an ethylene glycol based antifreeze that is nitrite-, borate-, phosphate-, nitrate-, amine-, and silicate-free with the same metal wear protection as an IAT antifreeze. Use your Summit Racing SpeedCard today, and get 10% back - Get Details! accelerated corrosion within the engine and cooling systems. Usually, Ford recommends using OEM fluids from Motorcraft. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Auto Parts v 942756d09 (2gx2v) cv1448. 7-Passenger AWD. TSB - 07-004-12 REV. OAT coolant MS-12106, on the other hand, is 50/50 premixed thus ready to use. Mopar 68163849AB Engine Coolant and Antifreeze Ram Jeep Wrangler. It makes NO difference what type you use IF you flushed the system. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. emergency or accident, get the car to an authorized dealer. T$~"IyJ26=Hd]ef. Coolant, aka anti-freeze, is made to prevent freezing, not to help with cooling. Its cooling abilities are far less than that of water. I don't know that Prestone makes a HOAT. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. . It helps to note that you should use an equivalent of this coolant during replacement. Walmart Super-Tech brand is as good as any and $10.88. Cannot be shipped Internationally A vehicles and beyond, for all engine applications except the ones listed in the note above. A forum community dedicated to all jeep owners and enthusiasts. I would not be concerned but I will tell you that the mopar antifreeze and fiat antifreeze are identical with the exception mopar is purple and fiat is orange. new restaurants coming to conyers, ga, bay state thunder softball,
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